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LHSF Stadium Project

The long awaited construction of Phase II of the Foundation's Stadium Project has finally begun. After many delays, the bleachers, restroom building and press box building permits were finally approved in January, and Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company has been making considerable progress  since then.

We are still in fund raising mode, as unforseen expenses for a construction project of this magnitude are always possible. We also need to be prepared for the day when our magnificent Hellas Matrix athletic field and synthetic track will need replacing. To help with our stadium funding, click on any one of the donate buttons and make sure you designate "other" in the donation category, then write in "stadium project" in the comment box. If you prefer, send your check with the donor form, or just let us know which class the donation is for.

We have just implemented a Bleacher Seating Fund. Donors can sponsor a row of bleacher seats for $1,000, or more. The name of the donor, business or graduating class will go on two nameplates that will be affixed to a row of stadium seats. If you are contributing to the Bleacher Fund, designate your graduation year. (Disclaimer: Sponsorship of a row of bleacher seats is for fund raising purposes only and does not guarantee you a seat at any game or event at Lahainaluna High School Stadium)

We will keep posting new pictures of the progress that we have made on a regular basis, and you can follow those changes by going to the Stadium Project page.

The progress for the bleacher seating campaign is below. To see the complete list of donors, click on this link. If you would like your class to participate, please contact your class representative, or call the LHSF Executive Director at 808-661-5332.

Class totals are listed below:

 Class of 1831        $1,000

  Class of 1943         $100

 *Class of 1951      $1,050

 Class of 1953          $750

 Class of 1954        $1,000

 Class of 1955        $1,000

 Class of 1956          $200

 Class of 1957          $150

 Class of 1958        $1,600

 Class of 1959        $1,772

 Class of 1960        $2,820

 Class of 1961        $2,000

 Class of 1962        $2,600

 Class of 1964        $1,000 

 Class of 1965        $1,000

 Class of 1966        $1,350

 Class of 1967        $1100

 Class of 1970          $100

 Class of 1971          $443

 Class of 1972          $600

 Class of 1973        $1,000

 Class of 1974          $100

 Class of 1977          $630

 *Class of 1978      $1,400

 Class of 1979        $1,450

 Class of 1980        $1,000

 Class of 1981          $470

 Class of 1982          $200

 Class of 1983           $800

 Class of 1986         $1,030

 Class of 1987          $600

 Class of 1988        $1,000

 Class of 1989          $680

 Class of 1990         $1,020

 Class of 1993         $1,045

 Class of 1995          $190

 Class of 1996         $1020

 Class of 1997         $250

 Class of 1998           $50

 Class of 1999         $350

 Class of 2001       $1,550

 Class of 2002         $100

 Class of 2003          $150

 Class of 2004          $250

 Class of 2007          $125

 Class of 2008           $50

 Class of 2015        $1,000

* Class of 1951 donated $2550. $1,050 is credited to bleachers, $1500 to pavers. C/O 78 donated $1900; 1,400 to bleachers, $500 to pavers.

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