Program Description

The Lahainaluna High School Foundation has provided more than $1,250,000 in grants to nearly every club, group and sports team at Lahainaluna since 2002!

In order for LHS Staff to apply for grants, download the application and submit to the principal for approval. Approved grant applications are then processed by the grants committee and recommendations are forwarded to the board, who will make a decision at the next board meeting. Please allow at least 1 month for the approval process. .

When applying for a grant, please provide adequate information as follows: Product information and quotes on products or equipment being requested. If grant application exceeds $5,000 for product(s) and/or labor, please provide at least (2) competitive bids. 

The Foundation prefers grants that seek funding from multiple sources. Funding for travel is looked at on a case-by-case basis. The Foundation does not fund financial reserves.

Please refer to the 2016 Robotics Grant for an example of what all grant applications should contain.

2021 Grant Awards

     Early College Program          $8,900

     Heat Abatement                      $2,000

2020 Grant Awards

     Health Pathways Wellness Center         $11,400

     Heat Abatement                                          $13,000

     Historical/Archive                                         $2,000

     Math Department                                         $1,200

2019 Grant Awards

David Malo Day - Hawaiiana Club            $3,549

LHS SPED D-Bldg                                       $1,500

Science Olympiad                                        $2,000

Health Pathways/PE                                    $8,000

Early College Program                                $3,400

Band                                                                $8,000

2018 Grant Awards

Agriculture Dept.                        $3,900

Early College Program             $4,500

D Building Water                       $1,000

Robotics                                      $5,000

Weightlifting                                $5,800

Science Olympiad                        $700

2017 Grant Awards

LHS Library               $150   

LHS Arts Dept         $2,500

LHS Band                $2,500

LHS-Security           $2,400

LHS-AOHT               $2,000

LHS-Cafeteria           $3,900

LHS-Hawaiiana Club    $717


Japanese Club $1,560
Baseball $21,524
Athletic Trainers $650
Robotics (2) $6,450
Senior projects $800
Gym painting $10,000

  2015 Grant Awards

Robotics $5,900
Track $16,000
HOSA $5,200
Band $835
Biotech $4,000
Digital Media $5,045

2014 Grant Awards

Project Grad $2,000
Lahainaluna Archive Committee $2,000
Track & Field $3,520
Softball $2,700
Athletic Trainer $1,000
Ceramics $3,700

Lahainaluna Tech Club is installing equipment in the Lahainaluna Library's video production studio,

 enabling closed circuit television capability within the school as well as in video production,

  telecommunication, and journalism career pathways.


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